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TAC are available to play weddings, corporate events, clubs and festivals and can cater to your budget. TAC will ensure that your guests are always entertained and it is guaranteed that they will have you dancing from start to finish. 


A vital ingredient to any good Céilí band is the caller (MC) who has to understand the music that is being played. At the start of each dance the MC runs through easy steps with the audience without the music ensuring that everyone knows the simple steps and making sure that everyone is comfortable with the moves before the dance starts.  The band then begins to play, gradually speeding up to a lively pace. and before you know it, the party is in full swing.

Some of the dances are 'progressive' dances in which you switch partners with each 'turn' of the tune, eventually arriving back with your original partner and those in the audience who choose not to dance often have as much fun watching the antics of those who do.

As is standard with most weddings first dance comes first! The band will usually play a waltz but can also do special requests. From here on in, it's all about dancing. 

TAC are a collective of musicians and can operate with or without certain musicians meaning that they can work around your budget. 

The basic Céilí package starts at €750 (€1000 - 25% discount) but we may recommend a different package depending on the size of your wedding.

To make the booking we simply require a 10% deposit and this can be done so by contacting us at:

or else clicking here.

If you would like to see TAC playing in advance you can check out our events page here to find out when and where we are playing.

Traditonal Arts Collective

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